[Recap] To The Beautiful You Episode 14

soooo.. this is live recap for episode 14.. check this!

are they dating??

hmm maybeeee…

omooo a handsome and good boy

what a unique way to do push ups.. xD

photo cr: cr: tumblr/bananabarspin
recap cr: vingle/v3sia
-Live Recap-

Jaehee was watching Taejoon’s record And found out Taejoon record got bad after his father got into hospital.
JAehee asked TAejoon to go out but Taejoon said no need, but Jaehee said she has somewhere to go, the school where his first love go. Taejoon said how many person she like before.
JAehee said 100.

Both of them went to school and play some game for little kids.
They went to flower shop and some garden while Taejoon took picture. Jaehee actually took Taejoon to his old elementary school.
The played in the school and also got into the class.
Taejoon remembered his childhood when his father picked him up.

mereka ciuman (tapi tae joon gak mau ngaku, dia pura2 mabuk.. hmmm)


At the end of the episode, Eun Gyul comes into Jae Hee’s bathroom when she is about to take a shower and gets shocked by the bandage put around her breast. Jae Hee gets also surprised and puts on her shirt again.

Eun Gyul asks Jae Hee, “Are you a girl?” in a trembling voice.

Viewers responded: “Eun Gyul finally finds out that Jae Hee is a girl. I hope he feels a little big more comfortable about her now.” “Oh, my goodness! Eun Gyul finally finds out that Jae Hee is actually a girl. I hope he doesn’t get hurt.” “Eun Gyul must feel empty because he has thought a lot about his relationship with her.”

The fifteenth episode of the series will air on October 3 at 9:55 p.m.

(c) en.korea // EeldeerLove

omoooo… cant waitttt for the last episode.. (ini dibuat berdasarkan live recap jadi kalo ada yang salah mohon maaf)


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