[Preview] Nice Guy Episode 14

ohhh iya kemarin ada preview dari episode 14, tapi preview tertulis. aku mau posting tapi sudah terlalu malam.. ini dari koalasplayground.. mian belum sempet mengartikan ke bahasa indonesia.

Eun Gi wakes up in the hospital still in shock. Seeing Eun Gi like that, Maru knows what happened to her is because of the pain he inflicted on her and he feels sorrow. He continues to shield the emotionally hurt Eun Gi. Jae Hee sees Maru looking at her with disgust and is hurt by that. In front of the people who don’t know where Eun Gi is, she starts her plan to make Tae San Group all hers. Because of the loss of her memory, the traumatized Eun Gi is assisted by Maru and starts to recover, and even her originally lost memories are starting to come back. Eun Gi goes to the company and Jae Hee hands her a project. Eun Gi guilelessly accepts Jae Hee’s arrangement and steps into a trap. (ini untuk written preview)

dan ini dari soompi

Maru: Touch Eun-Gi again one more time, if you really want to see how far Kang Maru can go.
Jae-Hee: Let’s convene the board and reveal everything about Seo Eun-Gi.
Maru: It’s all my fault you’re suffering. If your memories of me are causing you so much pain, stop punishing yourself and stab me.
Jae-Hee: Let’s go after Kang Maru. I want him. I want all of him.
Maru: It’s only when you can stand on your feet that I can disappear from your sight.

(ini untuk video preview)

video preview sudah ada di youtube silakan klik disini


9 thoughts on “[Preview] Nice Guy Episode 14

  1. “Kau menderita karena aku. Jika kenangan tentangku membuatmu merasakan pedih yg dalam, berhenti menyiksa dirimu sendiri dan tikam aku.”

    Quotes itu aja cukup untuk bikin saya nangis. Ini saya yg cengeng ato emg Nice Guy yg sedih dan nyesek bnget y?

    Cindy, msukin BTS2 NG jg y kalo ada. Pengen liat kedekatan Ki sm Chae Won. *kedip2 genit*

    Can’t wait for the next recap and synop!

  2. ketegangan seperti ini hanya berakhir saat ending itu datang…
    kadang capek juga dibuat gini sama NG ckckck *ditimpuktelor ^^
    gomawo mbak cindy

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